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Crane and Helicopter bag:

FIBC type B
Conductive FIBC type C, D
Dangerous goods FIBC
Wood bag
Crane / Heli bag
Small Sack Container
Additional Accessoires Inliner
Additional Accessoires Belts
Material: - PP-fabric
- (Un-)coated
- white
Helicopter bag
Top: - Open
  (depending on your demand/purpose)
- 4 corner belts
  (length and colour on your demand)
Bottom: - 2-4 corner belts
  (length on your demand)
  - Executions for bottom:  
  - Flat bottom,
    (belts accross underneath the bottom)

  - Flat bottom with double layer fabric

  - Fully opening bottom with folding
    bottom (belts with buckles)

Ideal also for various crane applications.

We are in permanent contact with various work groups or with the FOCA, in order to execute the constructions on the latest requirements.








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