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Additional accessoires Inliner:

FIBC type B
Conductive FIBC type C, D
Dangerous goods FIBC
Wood bag
Crane / Heli bag
Small Sack Container
Additional Accessoires Inliner
Additional Accessoires Belts
Various versions:

Bottle shaped

Additional accessoires Inliner bottle shaped

Form welded

Additional accessoires Inliner form welded


Additional accessoires Inliner Tube
We have experience and knowhow in dealing with critical bulk materials. Whether your barrier requirements of the bulk material is related to protect against humidity, oxygen or aroma and or as well for conductive application we do have a selection of various foils like LLDPE, EVOH or aluminium laminated. All types are also available as form stable/shaped Inliner.

You can select the shape and the way the Inliner should be fixed in the FIBC:

- loose, not fixed
- glued in place
- sewed/stitched in place








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